Unstoppable Focus

Unstoppable Focus

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What level of focus are you accustom to?

Unstoppable FocusYou have the ability to magnify or minimize the level of focus upon each journey of your life. As I began 2017, I realized that focus is one of the many assets required for a phenomenal lifestyle. The level of focus that I had towards all the resolutions for this year felt sporadic. I was caught up with a variety of ideas, goals, plans and desires for my future. I found myself disorganized (or shall I say, unfocused) with nothing truly accomplished throughout each day. Have you ever felt that way?

I felt as if much was needed to be done, yet I did nothing that was required for this so called “new year, new beginning and new me”. I procrastinated all the desires I had because my undivided attention and focus towards each desire, was far from undivided (Why say, “desires”? Once we hit the beginning of each year, we have a desirable mindset).

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Too Many Desires at Once

As I began to explore possibilities in my mind, a new desire came to existence and I began to work on it. Meanwhile another desire swiftly swooped in my mind. I switched my focus and began to work on that one. I’m thinking, “Come on in with the new desires, yes”! After all was said and done I ended up going back to working on the first desire and as you guessed it, the domino effect came into play. I had a compilation of desires but couldn’t decide a single desire to put 120% of my time, energy and most importantly, my focus. What should I have done, work on one desire at a time, or work on all the desires that came to mind?

Focus on One Desire at a Time

If you work on one desire at a time, you have an ability to focus on what’s most important first, then everything will fall into place. The key to resolve is achievement. Focusing on one thing at a time will allow you to achieve the result desired much quicker, thus resolving any sporadic levels of focus. If you work on all the desires that come to mind you could keep record of those desires, but you will achieve few to none of those desires based on the lack of focus and achievement you have. Focusing on to many desires at once will slow down the process of achievement.

Focus on What’s Truly Natural

I have found the we as human beings drive on having any sort of achievement and begin to feel grateful in each moment. Focus on what’s truly natural and authentic that will bring the most fulfillment in your life. Focusing will allow you to hone in on your true desire and block out all the external distractions in your life. You ask, “Why should I focus Shaun”? You have something special and if you can focus on whatever it is, you can impact the world and leave a legacy!