The Unexpected Benefits of Interracial Dating

interracialInterracial dating is becoming very common and popular in today’s day and age. More and more people are open-minded and looking forward to new experiences in life.  In this article, I will share some unexpected benefits of interracial dating with you, so you will understand why so many people prefer interracial dating.

Learning about another culture

There are many subcultures in the mainstream society, and each ethnic group has their own subculture.  Learning about a new culture makes you worldlier and more knowledgeable because your partner in the interracial relationship can help you expand your outlook.  For instance, if a white guy dates an Asian woman, he can learn more about her family-oriented values, thereby helping him appreciate his own parents more.

Being inspired by new ways of thinking

We have all been conditioned by our own culture for a very long time.  Therefore, if a black guy dates a Hispanic girl, he would find this interracialexperience refreshing.  For example, his Hispanic girlfriend’s reaction to situations in life may give him inspiration – She doesn’t take herself too seriously and can be relaxed and playful every day; she knows how to have fun even in difficult times.

You may learn a new language

Let’s say you are a white guy dating a Japanese girl.  Chances are you will pick up Japanese sooner or later because you are spending so much time with your Japanese girlfriend.  Or you may become interested in learning Japanese and decide to enroll in a Japanese course at university, which may help you with your career in the future.

You may have more opportunities to travel overseas

If you only date people in your own ethnic group you’ll probably stay in your old social circle for a very long time (or forever).  However, dating people from other races helps you broaden your horizon – maybe you will travel overseas to see your partner’s family once a year.  If your partner is Persian, you will be surprised to see how beautiful Persian carpets are in his/her parents’ house.

interracialYour children will be very good-looking

There is already a body of research showing that children whose parents are from different ethnic groups look better.  Indeed, mixed race kids tend to have the best features of their parents.  As a result, if you are dating someone from another race, you kids in the future will be gorgeous.  Some celebrities are the evidence: Mariah Carey, Tracy McMillan, Barack Obama, Olivia Munn, Alicia Keys, Vanessa Williams and Nicki Minaj.  Even Keanu Reeves said, “Thanks to my dad’s Asian origin, I have a handsome face.”

You get out of your comfort zone

Dating someone that belongs to a different race gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.  In fact, a very common trait among all successful people is that they are very happy to take risks and get out of their comfort zone, because they know areas outside their comfort zone are where they can find true success.  Obviously, starting a relationship with someone that’s different from you will make you step away from your familiar environment, thereby boosting your confidence in the long term.


Yes, interracial relationships help people grow, and there are many successful interracial couples in the world. For example, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.  Now we are living in a world where everyone can find true love from any race.  Since this is the best era of all time, why not try interracial dating today?

(Jade Seashell is an Australian author, dating expert and creativity advisor.  She regularly writes at