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Trust in You by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy

Trust in You by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy Review

anthony brownAnthony Brown

Anthony Brown was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is the worship leader at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. He started his career in 2012. Although the first CD was considered successful it was the second CD that really put him on the chart. “Everyday Jesus” peaked at number 11 on the US charts. That’s 119 spots higher his first CD. “Everyday Jesus” also reached number one on the gospel charts.

Anthony Brown’s backup singers are Ashia Bello, Shirley Daley, Jamarice Daughtry, Gabriel Hansborough, Tamika Caldwell, Michelle Thompson, Martellies Warren, Nicole Wilson, Mashica Winslow. Together they are Group TherAPy.


Two years ago Anthony Brown and Group Therapy released “Worth” and I absolutely loved it! I played the song over and over and learned to play it on the piano. I even got the opportunity to perform it in church.

Trust in You

Fast forward two years and now the group releases “Trust in You”. The first note had me! Being a musician I often hear the music before anything else but when they started singing I knew this song would be a hit.

The first few lines of the song is “You did not create me to worry. You did not create me to fear. But you created me to worship…daily so I’m going to leave it all right here.” Those powerful words coupled with the music has to make you jump up in praise.

I’m a Fan

With these two songs alone I’m a fan of this group. Yes, I have started to learn “Trust in You” on the piano and can’t wait to play it in church! I give this song 5 stars! Great job!