Top 5 Destinations for African-Americans

dubaiDubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Recently, there has been an enormous increase in travel to the United Arab by African-Americans over the past couple of years. It is no coincidence that many have begun to venture out and seek the beauty of the Middle East, with cheap airline tickets and its amazing price for luxury, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a great destination spot. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have much to offer with its beautiful sights like Burj Khalifa and activities, from parties on the yacht, to dune bashing, and a nightlife like none other from karaoke, to Cirque le Soir, to a 5 hour guided Dubai Nightlife tour. All of this makes Dubai and Abu Dhabi a great place for African Americans to add on their bucket list of travel.



Ahhh, refreshing! It is something beautifully amazing about traveling to the continent of Africa. The home of the human race but it is more familiar to African-Americans. I do believe that any African-Americans seeking knowledge about their roots should visit Africa at least once in their life. However, visiting East Africa is a life experience worthy of the long plane flight. You of course will have the beautiful African sun, sand, summits, and safaris. The peaks of Kilimanjaro, to the plains of the Serengeti, to the island of Zanzibar. And the people are eager to greet you and teach you all about their beautiful culture and even some Swahili along the way to greet. Tanzania is an absolute treasure to the world waiting for you to seek.

tokyoTokyo, Japan

“Can you wind for me!” On the contrary of what people think, Tokyo has an amazing crowd for African-Americans. Some of the worlds’ greatest B-Boys and dancers are from Tokyo. And the Reggae scene has exploded since its introduction in the 1970s. Tokyo is known for its unique fashion, fun nightlife and many other things. However, traveling to Tokyo would be one of the greatest experiences of your life as an African-American and try some of the Reggae clubs such as Garam in Shinjuku-ku. It will be an experience unexpected and unforgettable that will create the desire to go back again.



Brazil has the largest population of black people outside of the continent of Africa. Meaning no one cares that you are black when you walk the streets of vibrant Brazil. In fact, they may assume you are Brazilian and begin to speak to you in Spanish. Being one of the largest black populations in the world comes from the enslaved Africans who were brought there during the slave trade. “Brazil has the body of America and the soul of Africa” a quote by Frei Antonio Vieira, a 17th century missionary preacher made about Brazil.  The food, the music, the shades of beautiful golden and brown skin dominate Brazil, the African diaspora is all around you. Not to mention the many beautiful beaches, a weak currency and beautiful scenery like Sugarloaf Mountains. Brazil is a sure destination for African-American travelers. Affordable and an African culture so immersed it is almost familiar. The party never stops in Brazil and you should definitely go during Carnival for a mind blowing experience.


“Bonjour! Bienvenue en France!” In this beautiful country there is a lot of history and culture of African-Americans, especially in Paris. In the 1920s-1930s there was a plight of African-Americans who moved to Paris, such as James Baldwin, Josephine Baker, and Richard Wright are a few of the greats who once lived in Paris, finding inspiration and admiration in the “City of Light.” The great migration across the Atlantic French soil reached its height in the 1920s and 1930s, with the aforementioned Montmartre being a famous place for these artists, writers, and singers. While you are in Paris make sure you take the “Walking the Spirits Tours” which offer a comprehensive exploration of Black Paris on foot so you can learn more about this part of African-American history. Not to mention, many African people even today are constantly traveling and moving to France, (Paris, Toulouse, and Marseille) of course in Paris you should visit the Eiffel Tower (especially at night) but France is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.