The Secret to…Dramatic Lashes

Ever want those BIG, LUCIOUS LA SHES without the hassle of wearing false lash enhancements to only risk damaging your own lashes? Everyone knows my beauty ‘DON’T’ is to NEVER walk out the house without mascara! Whether you are running to the mall, grocery store, or even to check the mail….. NEVER leave home without mascara!!! To help you with the best mascara buy I asked several celebrity Makeup Artists what their 3 favorite mascaras were and here’s the skinny:

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Why we love it: Okay this is my ABSOL UTE FAVOR ITE mascara. Maybelline knew what they were doing when they created this classic that has been thickening lashes since the ‘70s with its signature, clump-free formula that is smudge resistant but washes off with ease. This mascara is great with or without a lash primer.

MAC ’s Zoom Lash Mascara

Why we love it: This mascara is like dipping your lashes in a creamy velvety bath. The formula builds density and conditions. The ultra-sculpted brush has three-sided fibres that is designed to separate each lash. Best of all… NO SMUDGING.

Diorshow Mascara

Why we love it: The list of Hollywood makeup artists who swear by this pick might run longer than the credits after a movie. The XXL brush builds incredible volume. The color payoff builds
depth and creates remarkable dimension to lashes. You’re sure to walk the red carpet of any event wearing Diorshow.