The Lyfe Awards 22

The Lyfe Magazine First Annual Award Show Nominees

The Lyfe Awards 22

The Lyfe Magazine – First Annual Awards Show

February 20, 2022
6:00pm EST
The Lyfe Magazine is proud to announce our first annual awards show. We are excited and honored to start this tradition!
Many amazing people have been interviewed and featured over the years. The inaugural group of nominees are comprised from our first issue in January 2017 through our Spring 2021.
Below is a list of those who have been nominated. Please show your love for each of them by liking and sharing this post. Also, don’t forget to mark your calendar and be sure you tune-in to this historical event!
The Lyfe Magazine Best Story
  • 7 Effects of Poor Communication by Virginia Wiggins
  • Job Lost or Freedom Gained by Kelly Charles-Collins
  • When They “Talk” to Us by Jamaal Chatman, Esq
  • Mrs. Florida American – Katrina Spagnoletti
The Lyfe Magazine Best Writer
  • Jamaal Chatman, Esq
  • Susanna K. Green
  • Andra Richardson
  • Kemlia Reed Sherman, Esq
The Lyfe Magazine Best Cover Story
  • Kevin R. Anderson, Esq
  • Christopher King
  • Michael Long
  • Havilah Malone
The Lyfe Magazine Kid’s Achievement Award
  • Lay-TC
  • Jordan Jones
  • Nicholas Jackson
  • Kayla Harris
The Lyfe Magazine Best Cover
  • Lay-TC (Summer 2020)
  • Harmony Devoe (Fall 2020)
  • Jasmine Young (October 2018)
  • Michael Long (October 2019)
The Lyfe Magazine Small Business Award
  • Livy O’s Catering
  • Brushes of Beauty
  • Flash Boxing
The Lyfe Magazine Entrepreneur Award
  • Christopher King
  • Andra Richardson
  • J’Nelle Richardson
  • Susanna K. Green (Health Nut Suzy)
The Lyfe Achievement Award
  • Kevin R. Anderson, Esq.
  • Michael Long
  • Christopher King
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