Stephanie D. Sanders – One More Day

stephanieStephanie D. Sanders – One More Day

Stephanie D. Sanders is the proud owner of “Walk In Thought Productions”. She was born in Lakeland, Florida to the parents of Charles Sanders (deceased) and Barbara L. Roundtree. Her stepfather, Larry ‘Pops’ Roundtree, Sr is prominent in her life. She is an actor, singer, songwriter, and author who currently resides in Florida.

Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie is well educated. She graduated from Kathleen Senior High School in Lakeland, Florida. She holds an Associate of Science degree in Allied Health and a Bachelor of Administration degree in Mass Communications.

Stephanie started out singing, songwriting, acting, doing voice-overs and the like. She decided to delve into the literary world and become an author. That’s when her journey began with her own Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). “I am definitely hopeful that God will allow me to continue on this journey and develop my own platform in production from an entertainment standpoint. I look forward to motivational speaking, and creating my own television shows.”

One More Day

Recently, Stephanie released her three-pack combo of “One More Day”. “One More Day” is her recently released novel about the transitions in her life. The book’s description reads, “After severalstephanie major transitions in her life, Stephanie felt that not only had she lost the possibility of having children after a surgery gone horribly wrong but also that her unique gifts and talents had fallen by the wayside, never to be picked up again. However, following a five-year hiatus, although her story and her zip code had changed, she discovered that her talents remained the same. Dormant as they may have been, she didn’t mind starting all over again.”

“In this heart-wrenching, yet, victorious story, Stephanie has opened a chapter in the book of her life and given us a glimpse of her testimony; the moment she received a new lease on life and resolved to never let it go. God gave her One More Day at life, love, salvation, and using her gifts. From that moment on, she decided to never take them for granted again. At the end of it all, she asks us the question, What will you do with your One More Day?”

stpehanieThe Audiobook

The “One More Day” combo includes an audiobook. Stephanie included an audiobook to continue to spread the messages and stories in the book via audio listening. She is legally blind in one eye, since birth. She found a love for listening to audiobooks she’s not one to just sit and read a book. Having this version is so beneficial for others like herself as well as those who may be visually impaired but still, love literary work. Having your own version of the audiobook is a wonderful way to hear the deepest expressions of the stories that are told.

Stephanie the Actress

Stephane recently finished her role in two movies. She was in ‘Locked’ with Marquis Harris and ‘NUTZ’ with Tony Stinyard. She looks forward to branching out more and connecting with other filmmakers. She also wants to connect with the music community in Atlanta. “Truth be told, I would love to move back to Atlanta and take my career to a whole different level.” She said.

“I tell you God works in mysterious ways. Since being back at home, I have accomplished more within just a few years than I ever did living in L.A. Now, I am sure God still has more for me to do here, there, Atlanta and even NY but this has been a defining moment in my life to have now finished my first book, audiobook, CD, multiple Indie Films and I’m on track to complete my next contemporary gospel project and much more this year.”


Stephanie has achieved several awards and nominations in her career. Here’s a list of her accomplishments:

Navigator Of The Seas – Female Karaoke Artist

Navigator Of The Seas – Overall Karaoke Artist

All Florida Awards – 2015 Female Artist Of The Year

All Florida Awards – 2015 Producer Of The Year

2015 All Florida Awards – R&B Artist Of The Year

North Florida Awards – 2016 Female Gospel Artist Of The Year

2016 All Florida Awards – R&B Artist Of The Year

2016 All Florida Awards – Song Of The Year

Joy In Praise Awards Show – 2016 Hear And Now Artist Of The Year

Voice Of Gospel Music Awards – 2016 Female Artist Of The Yr (Nominated)

Tampa Bay Gospel Awards – 2016 Contemporary Christian Artist Of The Yr (Nominated)

The Newsome Awards – 2016/2017 Miss Newsome Awards USA

The Newsome Awards – 2016 Actor Of The Year

The Newsome Awards – 2016 New Single Of The Year

The Newsome Awards – 2016 Songwriter Of The Year

2017 The Writers Ball – Songwriter Of The Year

stephanieCareer Goals

Stephanie’s career goals include completing at least one CD per year; acting in two major motion pictures per year and publishing at least one book per year. She also wants to get involved in hosting her own television show. “I also look forward to God blessing with me a hubby. A wonderful man of God that’s made just for me and me for him. I’m excited and claiming it right now. Amen to that.”

Stephanie began singing The National Anthem for the Detroit Tigers Organization this year. She is preparing for her 6th visit to the ball field on July 5th. She was honored to have sung for MLB game between the Detroit Tigers vs The Atlanta Braves back in March. “I have been going strong ever since when my schedule permits.”

Stephanie is currently working on her CD Remix for “One More Day”. The release date is scheduled for July 2017. “I wanted to bring the people a nice twist to the music as I am a music lover with a broad range of musical styles that I enjoy.” Darius Malloy of ILL2DEF Entertainment will be working with Stephanie on this project. He is the producer of over half of the songs from her current CD (the original CD One More Day).

Social Media

You can connect with Stephanie on her social media listed below. “You can keep up with me and send me a message if you would like for me to come to your event or participate in your film or television project.

“I would like to say thank you kindly to ILL2DEF Entertainment, my family, friends, co-workers, and mentors who have helped me to get to where I am. God strategically placed them in my life at different points to help me continue on this journey. It’s not an easy road but I am certainly a believer that it will all be worth it. Don’t ever forget the people who stuck by your side during the process and Thank God for it. The process and the people help us to develop into the person God wants you to be. Don’t stop believing and encourage someone else along the way.”

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