spring beauty 911

Spring Beauty 911

spring beauty 911Spring Beauty 911

Beauty Tips for Skin and Makeup Emergencies

Spring has arrived! Having a sunburn, peeling skin, or a heat rash could be cause for panic. Below is my quick guide to handle hot weather beauty emergencies like a boss!

Ouch, I got a sunburn.

With the weather warming up, you are probably spending a lot more time outdoors. Protect yourself and your skin by wearing sunscreen. We all have skin and therefore are prone to sun damage. If you are going to be outdoors (in the sun) for an extended period, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. You can wear it alone or under your foundation. Apply to areas exposed to the sun, especially the face, nose, ears, and neck.

Peeling skin: Do not pick!

So your skin is peeling and you feel and look like a reptile. Not to worry. Do not pick at or pull the skin off, but allow it to shed naturally. Increase your water intake to hydrate the skin from within and generously apply a hydrating moisturizer rich in ceramides. This will restore the lipids lost from the peeling skin.

Heat rash: Cool it down

Having a heat rash is no fun and can be extremely irritating. For immediate relief, cool down with a cold shower, wear loose-fitting clothing, and avoid heavy lotions and moisturizers. Instead, apply a layer of calamine lotion to the affected area. Taking these steps allows the skin to breathe and release heat.

Self-tanner left streaks?

Some of us are born with a natural tan—others are not. If your quest for the ultimate bronze glow was an epic fail, look no further than the produce aisle. Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto a body sponge and scrub the uneven areas in a warm shower. Additionally, use a moisturizer with 2% alpha hydroxyl twice daily to increase the body’s natural cell turnover to fade the dark areas.

Makeup meltdown

If the rising temperature has your foundation falling – take a break and find a cool spot. Once you have cooled down, do not apply more foundation or power. Instead, use a single-ply tissue or blotting paper to gently dab your face to absorb excess oil and sweat. After absorbing all excess oil, use your makeup sponge or brush and lightly dust uneven areas.

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