Save Money: Learn When and Where to Travel

Let’s Save Money!

Let’s save money is something we all can do.  I am all about a deal. If I can’t beat it I do not pass it up, I book it and plan my details later. Life happens that way and our vacations should not be any different. But I am going to tell you a trick to the traveler’s guide on saving your money. Travel to your destination during the off-season (off-peak) travel period. Every place has them–learn about your destination and this can save you at least 35% off regular price. That’s some easy money back into your bank or more money to spend on vacation, however you choose to look at it.  Pick a place and pack appropriately for the vacation, you’re bound to have a great time. After all, vacationing during the off-season can make an expensive trip affordable and attainable.

Here are some of the best travel spots and best times to visit to save money:

Save Money – Hawaii in the Spring and Fall

With LSave Money - Hawaiiow airfare and less crowds this is the best time to visit. Especially in the Spring there is less rain on the islands. This is often called the “dry” season, the weather is almost always perfect, and the deals and bargains are the best. After mid-April to early June is when you will find the best deals with less crowds.  The exception being first week of May when most Japanese visitors will arrive due to the “Golden Week” holiday in Japan.

Water temps are averaged at 70-degrees this time of year. Also, spring is all about fresh flowers, fruit, and vegetation that will surround you on the islands.

Fall is another bargain time.  Crowds dissipate as schools has started and most families are not traveling and beach hopping. After Labor Day through November is when you see price dropping and one can tour the islands without fuss and crowds. Keep in mind the Fall is the rainy season so you should also be prepared to bring an umbrella or raincoat.  Also the rain may prevent hiking some of the beautiful trails.

Save Money – South Africa: December- March

Save Money -South AfricaA time to go back to the motherland is always amazing.  Save some money and go in the winter months, which is actually their summer months in season.  You’ll still enjoy your travel experience. It may not be the ideal time for animal spotting.  However, you can definitely see plenty of wildlife in your journey to Cape Town’s astonishing beaches. You beat the crowds of people traveling at this time. During this time is considered the “wet season”.  After the first rains, the scenery turns green and its low season, resulting in less crowded parks and lower rates. Although, this is the wet season the rain will seldom interfere with your trip.  The showers don’t last all day and are typically short afternoon showers. Remember to pack accordingly. This is America’s winter but South Africa’s summer.  It is HOT and humid in December through February. Enjoy the Motherland and enjoy the experience, it is worth it, especially at a price you cannot refuse to pass up.

Save Money – Australia and the Down Under: October-March

Save Money - AustraliaHOT, HUMID, and WET! This is Australia’s summer so be prepared to dress accordingly to tackle the heat. But during these times you avoid crowds except the Christmas traffic in December. So of course the lesser crowds the cheaper the lodging will be for you. I would suggest to go on the cusp of this time from September to October.  During this time you will avoid the extreme summer heat. It will not be dull in Australia with plenty to do and you are sure to scuba and beach hop.


Save Money – Europe: November-February

Save Money - EuropeBring a jacket, coat maybe it is a bit chilly but the romanticism and classical beauty of Europe is beautiful all year long. But if you wish to save some money I would suggest visiting during this time, the crowds are few and the rates are cheaper than you would normally find. Also, can you imagine the Eiffel Tower layered with frost and snow? It is absolutely beautiful! Many European cities see price drops during this time and you should take full advantage.


Save Money – China: November-February

Save Money - Great Wall of ChinaBlue skies but cold winds, especially on The Great Wall. The plus is it’s not crowded and you will be able to experience this beauty all to yourself. It is not the popular time during the low season but it CHEAP. You can enjoy the winter scenery and sports for a low, low price—Try to avoid the Chinese New Year two weeks before and after as the prices are high during this time all over China. I would suggest to visit during the cusp of October and November when the temps are mild and you can see the fall colors across the country. Pack for winter and enjoy it with the cheapest rates you will see than any other time of the year.


Save Money – Thailand: July-October

Save Money - ThailandWho does not have Thailand on their bucket list of places to visit? Just about everyone I know does—and it is just as beautiful as the books and the stories appear it is. Stunning culture and beauty at every turn, crack, crevice, and corner. It is definitely a dream vacation that many people save for years to go but you can get there sooner if you went during the rainy season. Don’t let that fear stop you from going because the rain rarely last all day.  When it does there are so many sites you can visit inside and you wouldn’t be upset one bit.

Save Money – Orlando: Fall & Winter

Save Money - Disney WorldOrlando is known as Disney capital. The weather is nearly perfect all year long but in the Fall & Winter months the crowds die down and it is easier and you can see more of the parks with less line wait time. Make sure you check the Disney calendars as January –February are usually park maintenance times. However, with more accommodations for the adults in Disney the wine festival takes place in the Fall and it is amazing and fun. Disney and Wine how much fun can one ask for. With cheaper lodging at this time you are bound to have a great time.

Save Money – Vegas and Arizona: Summer

Save Money - Las VegasHOT, HOT, HOT! Vegas and Arizona are packed fun things to do.

Las Vegas

In Vegas catch the Cirque shows, Big Bus tours, Hot Air Balloon, Marvel’s Avengers Experience, Real Bodies Exhibit, or the Vegas Grand Canyon Air and Bust Tours.  Oh don’t forget to go zip lining down Fremont Street. With fewer people willing to tackle the desert heat, prices are at a low. Las Vegas has beautiful hotel resorts filled with world class food and luxury along with amazing swimming pools to help you stay cool from the heat.

Vegas does have it’s share of amusement parks.  Adventure dome with Circus Circus, and a full acrobat act in the lobby at Circus Circus are available.  Don’t forget the Stratosphere as well  which has the best thrill rides to offer. Vegas can be the best summer family vacation—don’t forget to mention Vegas has some great resorts for golf lovers.


Save Money - ArizonaWe are still packing in the fun in the desert but this is time to relax and enjoy 4 and 5 star resorts for the cheapest prices you will ever see. Arizona is world re-noun for their spa resorts never slacking and just peaceful. Remember the desert gets pretty cool at night so bring a light jacket to bring if you are out at night. Take this time in the summer to relax in Arizona with a nice getaway for a spa retreat.


Remember traveling is always good but it is even better when you can save some money. Know where you want to go and what you want to do and plan accordingly. But don’t cast off a dream trip because it is not the most popular time to visit, you will stay make memories and enjoy yourself. This is a clear guide to get you to travel more at lower rates and save money on that next trip you will take. Knowing how, when, and where to travel is the best travel tip anyone can know to save money.