Proverbs 21: The Horse Is Prepared

Proverbs 21: The Horse Is Prepared Against The Day of Battle

Good morning and happy Tuesday. The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord.

In this passage Proverbs 21:31, horses are strong and were often used in battle to mount the calvary, and men had a tendency to put much confidence in them, but Solomon says that horses are mere creatures, and it is the Lord that leads His people to victory over their enemies.

Salvation, victory, and safety are found in the Lord and in Him alone. The Lord wants you to prepare for success in every area of your life. It’s far better to be overly prepared than it is to be under prepared for the task that you attempt to undertake, but no matter how prepared you are just know that it is the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit that allows you to accomplish, achieve, and causes you to be victorious!

Victory does not come cheap; their is a price to be paid. The Lord can save without an army, but armies cannot achieve victory without the mighty hand and power of the Lord!

Whatever you may be undergoing right now, and even if it appears that a host of enemies may be against you, be confident in knowing that the Lord will never fail you, and He will lead you to victory!

Have a good day and know that I love you so very much


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