Parliament-Funkadelic – Standing the Test of Time

Parliament-Funkadelic – Standing the Test of Time

parliament-funkadelicIn the Beginning

When I first started enjoying music my favorite group was Earth, Wind & Fire. The groove of their music was awesome. The melody of songs like “That’s the Way of the World” and “Reasons” were unmatched.

You Can’t Resist The Funk

However, one summer afternoon my childhood friends Maurice and Jessie turned me on to Parliament. We were in Jessie’s house and they played the album, “Mothership Connection”. I didn’t want to show it outwardly because everyone knew I was an Earth, Wind & Fire fan but it wasn’t long before I gave in to the funk.

Later, I learned the group was truly called Parliament-Funkadelic. They were lead by mastermind, George Clinton. After that afternoon in Jessie’s house I went home and tried to listen to anything that was made by them. The more I heard the more I loved it. Most people didn’t like the hardcore Funkadelic sound but I loved the screaming guitars and catchy

Why I Love This Group

“Maggot Brain” still is my favorite Funkadelic song of all time. The guitar solo is unmatched by any even today. Sure, arguably Jimi Hendrix was the best back then but Eddie Hazel wasn’t far behind (Although, Billboard wouldn’t agree). I heard the original recording of “Maggot Brain” in 1971 and was captivated by the sound of that guitar. It was almost a spiritual sensation.


In 1978, Hazel’s replacement, Michael Hampton recorded his version of “Maggot Brain” live. Again, a masterful piece of work. Like Hazel, Hampton was a truly great musician. Then again, all the musicians in the group were great.

Bernie and Bootsy

Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins were integral parts of Parliament-Funkadelic. Their talent combined with George Clinton and rest of the band launched a legendary movement that still lives today. With the release of “Mothership Connection”, Parliament experienced it’s highest level of success.

Oh That Sound!

After “Mothership Connection”, the trademark of the P-Funk sound became the strong synth runs accompanied by powerful horn arrangements and Bootsy’s unique bass playing.


Parliament had a distinctively different sound from Funkadelic. It was once said that the musicians comprised Funkadelic and the singers comprised Parliament. I never confirmed if that was true or not but it didn’t matter to me. They were all Parliament-Funkadelic.

Parliament-Funkadelic – The Hits

Parliament-Funkadelic had to many hits to list here. But some include “P-Funk”, “Flashlight”, “Bop Gun”, “Do That Stuff”, “Aqua Boogie” and “Dr. Funkenstein”. Funkadelic hits include “Testify”, “One Nation Under a Groove”, and “Knee Deep”.


The P-Funk sound has stood the test of time and anyone who hears the beat of “Flashlight” will smile, reminisce on the days of old and get up and dance! That funk never grows old!