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The Nurse Entrepreneur Collective

The Nurse Entrepreneur Collective

Concept, Failure, Longevity

entrepreneur collectiveAny time anyone considers starting up a business, the founder has more than likely put in the research and has taken into account at least a few things before beginning their quest.  Such as “do I have the time and resources to dedicate to this endeavor”? “Is this truly my purpose and passion in life”? “What type of support do I have for the long haul”? By answering those and many other questions, the aspiring entrepreneur can go pretty far, considering that roughly 50% of businesses fail within the first five years.  So, let’s imagine for a moment and consider that you took a brave leap and you successfully became an entrepreneur. You overcame numerous difficulties and barriers, and you may or may not have had support along the way to help you through the tough times. Heck, you might not even have had the money or strength to keep going. But despite it all you made it anyway! It is been said that the true definition of success is not where you end up at, but what you have been through to get there.  Often, we put off the things that we would love to accomplish the most due to fear, and insecurities that live deep within.

This has not been the case for ten powerful nurses who came together for a special project to share exactly what we just spoke of. They overcame fears and insecurities, doubt, grief, and even trauma. I was blessed enough to have been chosen as one of the nurse entrepreneurs and the latest book release “The Nurse Entrepreneur Collective”. This book shares the triumph of these 10 nurses who took the nontraditional route and decided to take their career up at notch by the coming entrepreneurs.  You will be surprised after reading this book, what these ladies have endured to reach their goals. Lifted and enlightened, these professional ladies are very inspired and are now reaching back to help bring others along the way. Author Lakesha Reed-Curtis, owner of Medical Solutions Academy was the mastermind behind the project. She put a call out on social media, for nurses that were entrepreneurs to share and tell their story of triumph and success. What we saw was a cultivating movement for nurses around the country, at one point these nurses never knew each other but came together to write an awesome book.

She states “this project was immaculate and drama free “.  Author Shawanna Guillory, Nurse Practitioner says “ If telling my story helps one person, then it was worth it all”.  Author and Professor Renalda T. Carter, Legal Nurse Consultant shares that telling her story has been an “experience of a lifetime”.

This experience made it worth it to tell their stories and become authors. “We wanted to show there is a real person behind the faces that you see on social media. Although we are business owners we are also very human, very hard workers and very determined to succeed. We wanted to show other professionals that if we made it we could make it through, despite all the odds, others can also” says Author Michelle Rhodes, CEO of Michelle Rhodes Media LLC. It is our collective prayer that this inspiring book help move the entrepreneur towards victory, and encourages him or her to stay diligent during the fight.  This book demonstrates that it will all be worth it in the end if one does not give up or give in.  Don’t be one in the in the 50%. Get inspired, get a mentor, get a plan, get productive, get a team and get small business victory!