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The None Lost Movement Minstry – Nicole Marchman

The None Lost Movement Minstry – Nicole Marchman

None Lost Movement provides Education, Awareness and Resources for Healing through variety of services offered to ages 10 and up, throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

none lost movementIn 2014, Nicole Marchman and Shawn Saxton formed the None Lost Movement Ministry. The None Lost Movement is made up of a body of domestic violence survivors. Their desire is to help victims of childhood abuse and domestic violence. They want them to know that they are not alone.

Shawn Saxton said, “Together, we are here to bring education, awareness, and healing through our conferences, counseling services, and outreach programs to anyone, 14 and older, throughout the Tampa Bay Area.” The None Lost Movement operates under The Underground Network, in Tampa. The Underground Network and The None Lost Movement are 501C(3) organizations.

The None Lost Movement Ministry Origins

Originally, The None Lost Movement was a dream in Nicole Marchman’s mind. Having lost her mother in 2013 following years of abuse, Nicole felt she had to do something. She wanted to make a difference. She wanted to help others.

Nicole and Shawn met while assisting another person with their organization. Shawn was just what Nicolenone lost movement needed to push her to the next level. The two of them together made it happen. In 2014, The None Lost Movement was born. I had the pleasure of meeting both Nicole and Shawn before the release of my novel, Standing Firm. It was a great meeting and we formed a bond that I know helped people. Nicole and Shawn were great to work with.

The Current Makeup of The None Lost Movement

Shawn Saxton, President of None Lost Movement.

none lost movementShan Bruce, Vice President. Lease Yourmans, Director Services.

The None Lost Movement Continues to Provide the following:

  • Individual & Family Counseling and Group counseling, Outreach Services
  • Real Talks
  • Teen Rap & Conferences
  • Motivational Speaking to Educational Institutions
  • Church’s & Community Domestic Violence Early Intervention Services.

Nicole Marchman – A Real Warrior

Nicole Marchman was a foster care alumnus. She was a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, as well as domestic violence.

Nicole’s Life

Most of Nicole’s life was spent dealing with various traumas. She endured the pain and anger from the none lost movementhands of her biological parents, the rejection and betrayal from foster families that were supposed to provide her a safe haven and then finally survived the hurt and isolation brought on by an abusive husband. She became an expert at navigating and surviving the cycle of abuse. Nicole was the definition of resilient. Nicole was determined to better her life and ensure that her past did not predict her future. She found her voice and her message. Her story is inspirational and she was dedicated to sharing her testimony with others across the globe.


Nicole earned her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from USF and her Masters of Social Work (MSW) from Florida State. As a Social Worker, Nicole traveled to children’s homes in the Czech Republic, Trinidad and Tobago to study their foster care system and compare it to the United States Child Welfare System.

Additionally, Nicole became a statewide, national and international advocate for foster children and lobbied for various changes within the foster care system in Washington, D.C.

She Changed Lives

Nicole specifically advocated for kinship care and better services for youth aging out of foster care. Nicole believes in paying it forward. She has proven this by furthering her passion for changing the lives of foster children. She accomplished this by becoming a foster parent, being a voice for victims of domestic violence and childhood abuse and their families by establishing None Lost Movement Ministry.

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