No Shortcuts

FR, or, if you want to add emphasis; FRFR
K, as if OK is too much to type

We’ve become enamored with the use of these acronyms, and others. I created one of my own and have been waiting for it to take off. LBS…no, not pounds – ‘laughing but serious’. Cute, right?

We frequently take advantage of more tangible shortcuts as well:

  • Fast Pass at amusement parks
  • Express lanes on the highway
  • GPS for shortest route

And then we have the overuse of symbols, especially on social media posts. One of the most popular being the praying hands symbol. Instead of typing out a short prayer that could potentially bless many, we tap an icon on the screen, the set of praying hands appears in the comments section, we hit send and move on the next post. Yes, I too have been guilty of this as well.

Are these shortcuts sufficient in communicating our thoughts, feelings, and intentions? When we type, “TGBTG”, I wonder if He feels glorified. When we send a response saying, “BRB” what does that truly mean? Be right back when; a few minutes or a couple hours?

There may be shortcuts in communication, but there are none in building and maintaining relationships. It takes effort. Consistency. Patience. Understanding. Love. Much is lost when taking shortcuts. Depth of experiences together foster strong relationships. Our families need our time and devoted attention. Friendships are strengthened through shared experiences over time. Shortcuts in a marriage will be devasting. And lastly, our personal relationship with Christ takes work as well. GPS may get us to our physical destinations quicker, but nothing will get us to Heaven quicker, or at all for that matter, except a relationship with Christ. And if you don’t already know, the highway to Heaven has no short cuts. If anything, there will be detours as we strive for our place in eternity.

There is no abbreviated way to develop and maintain a strong relationship with the Lord. Praying requires more than a set of symbolic hands. Serving Him will likely set us in situations which require endurance and testing. There is no abbreviated way to serve God. Either we do or we don’t (Revelation 3:15-16). Jesus Himself can attest to the fact there are no shortcuts to salvation.


As Resurrection Sunday approaches, I pray we all have a relationship with Jesus Christ that is more than seasonal (Christmas and Easter) or situational (crisis driven). Enjoy the journey with Him. It is littered with growth, revelation, joy, awakening, peace, and the greatest love imaginable. A relationship with Him is as real as any you’ll have. May you feel His loving presence all the days of your life.

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