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Mother’s! It’s all About You

all about youMother’s! It’s all About You

The informal definition of a mother is a woman who gives more than she takes. No matter what your role, whether a stay home mom or a working mother out in corporate America, make no mistake about it, your job is a big one!

Children are so busy in their own worlds that they don’t realize just how much nurturing and care is given to them and just how much attention they require. Children won’t truly be able to appreciate all the sacrifices their mother’s make for them, until they have children of their own.

On Mother’s Day, you have every right to take this day and do with it whatever you please.

Here are 3 suggestions:

Do something just for you! Yes, I am suggesting that you be selfish on your day. Take that much needed bubble bath or go have a spa day all by yourself. Maybe you could check something off

all about you
Mother Reading to Daughter

your bucket list or at the very least, do your most favorite thing in the world that you’ve been meaning to do and just haven’t had the chance. Whatever will make you feel like a queen, do it!

Change your scenery! Stop looking at the same walls you look at day in and day out. Get out of the house. Go see some new sights and hear some new sounds. Unfamiliar scenery could inspire you in new ways and spark the very creativity that you thought you had lost.

Be lavish! Mother’s day is all about you. You should look, smell and feel your best. If that means wearing your best perfume and putting on your favorite outfit. Do it! You should even pull out your best china to eat on. You deserve to feel great on your day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Xoxo, Suzy