Why Millennials should consider Entrepreneurship

Why Millennials should consider Entrepreneurship

MillennialsI am sure by now you have heard the term of the newest generation to come along “The Millennial” also known as Generation Z.   Well, these are the young folks that were born between mid 1990’s and 2000s. They have come to know technology as the current age and the only age.   They are very confident and achieving due to such technology.  Some also categorize them as self-centered  however, but this gives you an idea as to how to market to them.  Offer solutions that makes their lives easy and “just for them” feel.  As they age, they come to learn cutting edge ways of getting tasks completed. Many have gone on to say they might be characterized as being “entitled” due to the many conveniences of modern life.  Patterns are showing that this generation is breaking many traditions that many of us have grown to know.  Marriage no. Travel yes, yes, yes.  Career, maybe, if there are computers involved. Entrepreneurship ABSOLUTELY.


So how does the Millennial ride this wave?

Is that college grad ready to work bedside for the next 45 years after graduation? Heck NO, not in the age of the internet!  Give them a laptop and watch them wrap up their gifts and talents, market it on the world wide web, and rake in a paycheck.  So what’s your excuse millennial?  This is the golden age of opportunity and I see it happen daily online.

That is why I here to help clients embrace entrepreneurship, create profits and then invest it back into the business.

Now more than ever, people are discovering their truths and living it out online while getting paid.  Don’t you know you hold so much specialized knowledge?  Experience, profession, degree. Someone, some company or some organization needs to know what you know.  Like yesterday.   Negotiate a contract and consult with them.  Share the ins and outs of their customer. Educate others on problems these types of customers face.  Become a problem solver.  How can you make a difference?  Grab your laptop today, Hire a coach and let the world wide web become your oyster.  There is life beyond the box.  Ask a Millennial Entrepreneur.