love never fails

Love Never Fails – Angela D. Palmer

Just a Thought – Angela D. Palmer’s “Love Never Fails”

In Angela Palmer’s debut novel, Love Never Fails, she takes the reader on a ride through a very familiar neighborhood, exploring how different relationships are tested in every way imaginable. Often times in a relationship, we feel as though we have everything we can possibly envision: a great marriage, kids, and a successful career, but when trouble comes knocking at our door, will we stand and trust God or will we run and hide? Angela Palmer’s collection of short stories of love, forgiveness, and hope, makes you realize the real solution is God. God can fix anything if you let him.

When Love Calls

The first stop in the neighborhood opens the door to the short story When Love Calls. Sidney has been grief stricken for two years.  She can’t seem to get the accident out of her head. It was all her fault her husband is dead.  If it wasn’t for her asking him to come home a day early, he would still be alive. Can she get over the guilt that is tormenting her? Can she forgive herself? Will she love again? As she tries to contend with her broken heart, she meets a guy by the name of Damien. He finds out about her situation and decides to write her a letter. Will her heart open and receive the friendship Damien is trying to set in motion? Or will she continue to wallow in the sea of darkness and despair?

Blood Line

The second stop in the neighborhood finds us opening the door of Blood Line and peeking in. Robin, Carmen, and Tina have been friends since college. After Robin’s daughter suffers a medical emergency, and could possibly need a blood transfusion, the friendship as they know it could cease to exist. When the blood type of her daughter is revealed, Robin is in shock and hyperventilates. How could this happen, she thought? In the meantime, her husband is putting two and two together and it doesn’t add up to four. Something is wrong, very wrong!

No Weapon

The final stop and destination leads the reader to the door step of No Weapon. Jackson and Shelia’s marriage is everything they could ever dream of, at least that’s what they thought, until Jackson’s father passed away and he inherited the company and began to keep late hours at work in order to sustain the business. Shelia, feeling neglected and unwanted communicates her feelings to Jackson, but it was not always pleasant.  Jackson couldn’t understand why his wife didn’t support him. He was doing everything for their family. Be that as it may, Jackson returns home and finds …


In this collection of short stories, will love be enough to sustain the relationships? Will the faith that each one shares wither away like a dying flower blowing in the wind? Hope, faith and love seems to be the only true answer, or is it?

~But the greatest of these is love.