Love It or Leave It? Male Rompers

rompersLove It or Leave It? Male Rompers

We are here, front and center to exhibit the trend that nearly broke the internet….yes it really does exist, and everyone is talking about them…rompers for men. The newestrompers male fashion trend is a one-piece. It has everyone talking; some love it, some love to hate it! It’s too soon to say if this will be an option that sticks around or if it’s going to be a one-trend wonder. One could argue that the trend is not new and that it’s a new spin to an overall. There could be some truth that overalls and rompers are related; this time around the platform is a fashion trend for outerwear. Reebok is set to release Ree Romp, a sporty more athletic version priced at $89. Designers are creating lines of men’s rompers with a niche in mind, from comfy, athletic, fun in the sun beach wear, to everyday linen leisure. It’s too soon to say if this will be a catchy trend or a fashion faux pas. Some would, some would never. Some love it, some hate it. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, even if you straddle, this is definitely a trend to watch for.

rompersrompersAthletic + Leisure =Athleisure

Athleisure is one of my trending style favorites. It’s the merge of comfortable and stylish. There are some levels to this, it’s not the usual, just throw on a tee and sweats and off you go. There are quite a few options to create a look. You can go athletic + ahletic, workout top with coordinating work out pants and gym shoes. Then there’s athletic + casual, sporty dress with a gym shoe rocked with a tied jacket. There’s also athletic + chic, my favorite…tee, fitted sweatpants that must taper at the end paired with a stiletto heel, there it is! Celebrities are all over this trend, Rihanna was one of the first to be seen rocking the chic look, then there is Khloe K’s airport photo, and Beyonce has created a line, Ivy Park. Thanks to the popularity and demand, work out wear is a well thought out product. It’s getting more colorful and coordinated and sexy and sheer. I’m loving it, athletic wear makes me feel like I want to work out, and there’s not a reason I shouldn’t, I’m already dressed for it. Athletic chic for me is edgy and sexy. There are so many ways to make this trend your own, check out our photos to inspire yours.

rompers rompers rompers