love at first sight

Love at First Sight…Is It True?

love at first sightLove at First Sight… Is it True?

By Jade Seashell

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, that has definitely happened to me many times…. And I’d like to discuss whether this kind of love is legitimate.

Men are much more likely to feel love at first sight. Statistics show that love at first sight happens to men much more frequently, and it’s less likely for women to experience that. Further examination reveals that men fall in love faster than women. Experts in Australia and the United States claim that men can be turned on easily because men are visual; in contrast, women’s sexuality is contextual, so usually, it takes more than something visual to turn on women. That’s why men are more likely to feel a romantic attraction for a stranger upon the first sight of that person. To be more precise, we should call the feeling “attraction at first sight” rather than “love at first sight”.

Your intuition is always right—this is especially true for women. Marie Forleo (author of Make Every Man Want You) argues that a woman would be well-advised to listen to her body, because in general, women’s intuition is stronger than men’s intuition, and this intuition comes from a woman’s body. For example, when a woman meets a man, if her body feels contraction, that often means he isn’t the right man for her because her body never lies. By contrast, if her body feels expansion, that means he is probably all right. Sadly, many women have become too analytical in this day and age, because they believe that in order to be successful, they should switch the emotional brain off and switch on the analytical brain. Consequently, a lot of women ignore red flags when they meet men—they use their logic to convince themselves that certain men are the right men for them because these men have money, status and power—that’s when standards become a checklist which looks good initially, but that’s not the most helpful way to look for a partner.

We should appreciate attraction at first sight and enjoy the magic. Overall, no matter you are a man or a woman, attraction at first sight gives you a sign: “I like this person”. Now, please don’t use your logical brain to assess how you feel immediately. Just embrace the wonderful feeling and enjoy it. If you want to make it an official relationship, you can ask yourself this question: What are my non-negotiables with dating and relationships? If your non-negotiables are looked after, you can begin a relationship which will probably be sustainable and stable in the long term.

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