Let it Raine Music Single Reviewed

Let it Raine Music Single Reviewed

Let it RaineIn the face of all the gossip and the things that were said against her, she stood her ground and pressed into activating her gift of song. This is the first thing you learn as you listen to ‘Let It Raine’, the soundtrack single to ‘Standing Firm’ – a newly released Christian film, projected to be released on DVD in 2017. ‘Standing Firm’ celebrates the intersection of family, love, relationships, community, spirituality and music.

This long-awaited single release speaks to the success of all that the movie’s main character, Raine Davis, comes to experience while having to overcome personal obstacles and domestic abuse. At the climax of the movie, ‘Let It Raine’ was Davis’ soulful anthem to her family that she realized her dreams had come true and so she bragged that the ‘rain of blessings’ had fallen on her life! This song is not one that is heard passively because it is a song for the champion in us all!


‘Let it Raine’ is performed by lead singer and indie artist, Lahla-Hadiya; with lyrics conceived by Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. (author, producer, and visionary for this project).  Lahla-Hadiya gave birth to a soulful arrangement of the single in just a couple days.  You can feel her passion pouring out through the song as she croons the message: “Let it rain on me … let it fall on me”.  This skilled singer evokes Raine’s emotions of desperation and persistence, her readiness for rebirth, and passion for life like she had never felt before.

The background vocal effects seemed to have an urban flair, while the instrumentation was produced masterfully. Without a doubt, this single will easily cater to R&B crowds as well as smooth jazz fans alike, but it is truly a message that anyone who is ready to activate their purpose and realize their potential.  The catchy hook and upbeat tempo will surely grab any listener and empower them with a euphoric feeling – almost creating a high to where anything is possible.

Rating: **** 4.5 / 5 stars ****