Neo-Soul Star Lahla-Hadiya

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Neo-Soul Star Lahla-Hadiya

Neo-soul is a musical genre that fuses contemporary R&B and 1970s-style soul with elements of hip-hop. The music is basically modern-day soul music, with contemporary attitudes and sensibilities. Neo-Soul is said to be more soulful and has deeper messages and meanings.

Let it Raine

I stumbled upon a great talent when I was looking for someone to sing “Let it Raine” from my soundtrack entitled, “Standing Firm.”   From the moment I heard her sing the song, I knew she would be perfect for it.  I decided to listen to some of her other songs and realized this young lady has talent.


Lahla-Hadiya Castro was born in Washington, DC to Reverend Carl C. Craighead, Sr and Leuvenia H. Craighead.  She graduated from Parkdale High School and later from the University of Maryland with a degree in Elementary Education.

At five years of age, Lahla-Hadiya started singing with her family.  She hails from a family of singers, so it was a natural thing for her to follow that path.  In fact, her father managed a singing group and her mother was a member of the group.

She started writing poems when she was seven years old and turned them into music at age 12.

Bringing Awareness Through Her Music

“I tailor my songwriting to bring awareness to life, love and relationships.  I use my music as a platform to minister to others,” said Lahla-Hadiya.  If you ever have a chance to hear her, you will understand what she means.  Her songs are very touching and run deep with emotion; they bring out feelings in you.

The song “More of You” from her recent double album, “My Thoughts” was the perfect choice for the movie “Standing Firm.”  At the premiere everyone in the audience felt the depth and meaning of this song.  Renata Mikae was the actress who played the role of Raine Davis in the movie.  She got into the song deeply and felt its meaning.  Renata said, “The words and feeling of the song made me feel the longing for my man mentally and spiritually.  I could feel her sense of need in the words.”

The second part of “More of You” gives the listener the feeling of God calling to mankind about needing more from us spiritually.  Lahla-Hadiya deeply feels a relationship with God and wants her fans to feel that emotion in her songs.

One of my favorite songs on Lahla-Hadiya’s latest album is “No.”  This song resonated within me because of my movie.  I originally purchased her album to listen for songs that might fit the movie.  This one was perfect.  Lahlia-Hadiya is telling the story of a woman who is fed up with a man breaking her heart over and over again.  Like Raine Davis in the movie, she has decided to move on with her life.  When you hear this song, it reminds you of the 70s when music brought you to a place where you might have been.  It stuck hard to a memory.  I for one have been on both sides of this and “No” made me feel it.

J-Lah Productions

Not only does Lahla-Hadiya sing and write music, she also produces music through her company, J-Lah Productions.  J-Lah Productions is owned and operated by Lahla-Hadiya and her husband, lahla-hayidaJohnnie Castro.  Johnnie is also the engineer and a talented musician as well.  J-Lah Productions is a production company that specializes in artist management, production, studio rental, event planning and promotions.  One of J-Lah’s newest clients is their 11-year-old daughter, whose debut album, “Blow Your Mind” will be released this year.

Lahla-Hadiya’s goal is to build an empire with her husband and create a legacy for their children.  She knows that her talents are from God and wants to use them to help minister and bless God’s people.

Lahla-Hadiya and Her Family

When Lahla-Hadiya isn’t busy with music, she’s busy being the mother of five active children.  Besides her 11-year-old who’s releasing her album, her 9-year-old son is working on his 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo.  She’s also active in helping her husband release his debut single and assisting her children in putting together their first event, “Movies on the Lawn,” in the spring.

“Movies on the Lawn” will feature movies on a big screen television in the yard of their home.  The kids are encouraging other kids to join them in the inaugural venture for some fun and entertainment.  Community involvement and helping provide entertainment for kids is a key endeavor for Lahla-Hadiya and her family.

The Future

Currently, Lahla-Hadiya is working on her third album, which is a promotion of self-worth and the realization of a purpose.  Lahla-Hadiya said, “I am excited about what God has in store for me and my family.  I can’t stop, so I won’t stop because, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’”. (Phill 4:13)

The release date for her new album has not yet been set, but we are certainly looking forward to more from this talented singer/songwriter.

You can connect with Lahla-Hadiya through her social media: