J Castro’s New Release: Just-Us

Hi everyone, this is a special post to tell you about a new song just released by J Castro. J Castro is a musician, songwriter, producer and all around music master at J-Lah Productions in Temple Hills, Maryland.

I popped this song in this morning and instantly excited about it. Being a lover of the bass helped me to enjoy this and J Castro’s bass lines are always awesome but this song has a message to it as well.

J Castro’s, Just-Us starts us off with a monstrous bass solo. If you love bass music this will get you going. The solo is followed by a chorus of words that reminds us George Floyd and asks where is the justice for us?

The mixture of bass soloing and a smooth piano with the echoing words give you a mantra to shout repeatedly. “I’m just trying to live in the land of the free!”

Midway through the song is the repeated words of George Floyd, “I Can’t Breathe”. We will forever remember those words as we strive for change.

The song closes with a roll call of those who have been wrongfully murdered. Listening to this song makes me want to get up shout for change. It should be one that we never forget in forward push for change in America.

You can download the song from iTunes or Google Play.