I Can Do All Things Through Christ

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Thank God you made it to the weekend! I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

The Apostle Paul had experienced many trials, trouble, affliction, and difficulties in his life, but he knew that it was only by the power and grace of God that he was able to overcome; which brings us to the above passage Philippians 4:13.

Paul says there is absolutely nothing he can’t accomplish or overcome through Christ who gives him the strength, the power, and the authority to triumph over any and everything that comes his way. Paul concludes that he can perform any duty, overcome any obstacle, bear every trial, subdue any enemy, meet any temptation and yet not yield to it, and conquer ANYTHING through Christ (who conquered death, hell, and the grave), who gives him strength!

You too have had your share of trouble, trials, difficulties, and temptation, but if you would just remember that your strength is limited, but through Christ who gives you supernatural strength, ability, and power, you too can do ALL things!

Have a good day, have a safe weekend, and know that I love you so very much


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