Heroes of the Pandemic – Cierra Keaton

The Lyfe Magazine recognizes the struggle many of us are facing during this time. We would like to take a moment each week to recognize someone who is working and helping others during this stressful period.

Each week we want to honor someone, to let everyone know there are genuine heroes in the world!

This week we honor Cierra Z. Keaton!

Hi my name is Cierra and I am a Registered Nurse with a background in critical care and transplant. I am also a Nurse Entrepreneur who owns a Cannabis Education Consulting Firm. I have been a registered Nurse for 13 years and I have been a business owner for 2.
What has been the biggest challenge so far?
It is really hard to pinpoint what 1 particular thing has been the biggest challenge thus far. We have hit so many BIG challenges and have had to critically think our way through them all. I will list 2 that are near and dear to me.
  • The lack of knowledge in treating this virus in combination with so many different presentation of the disease. Everything that we typically do for these critical ill patients goes out the door when treating this virus.The tried and true modalities are not uniform. This makes it a challenge and very frustrating for all the front-line medical staff as we are desperate to have efficient outcomes for our patients.
  • The hands off approach that we must take. Being a nurse has always been my own ministry. It involves being able to provide the gift of human touch, involving multiple care teams on this journey and family. During this pandemic we have to limit our time and touch with patients. We have to limit our interaction with providers and involving family. We have to allow our patients to die alone. This in itself has taken a toll on the healthcare community.
Do you foresee anything good coming from all of this?

I foresee many good things coming out of this pandemic. I foresee an opportunity to rebuild our healthcare systems from their weak points. I foresee an increase demand and respect for healthcare workers and just how imperative they are to the outcomes of people and their lives. We will learn how to really prioritize what is important and really putting people’s lives first.

Do you think life will go back to normal or have things changed forever?
Live as we know it for the healthcare realm is forever changed in my opinion. One reason it will never be the same is simply because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that the healthcare system will have to recover from. You have never heard a solider go to war and come back the same. Yes, they recover, but their lives are FOREVER changed. I believe this pandemic sparks as emphasis on how to better serve our patients with less cost, less emphasis on providers and more emphasis on home care and tele-medicine just to name a few things to start.
Do you think the lock down is working, why or why not?
I did think the lock-down was working, but do to the most recent events and protest, among many people whom did not follow the “rules,” I don’t think we are quite done yet “fighting” RONA.
What advice would you give people during this time?
The best advice that I can give from a RN in critical care battling this virus is that IT IS REAL, and don’t take it lightly that just because you haven’t personally experienced it, that it is a hoax, or fake. Take the proper precautions. It is not just about you, but you don’t want to be that person who is walking around a carrier of the virus spreading it to others whom have the potential to get really sick or die from exposure.