The Lyfe Movie Review – Girls Trip

The Lyfe Movie Review – Girls Trip

Buddy comedies are not something new in Hollywood and every generation has a few movies on this topic that we all remember and gratefully accept and love. From “Bad Boys”, “Superbad” to the “Hangover” franchise; those movies generated huge box office numbers, despite generally receiving poor reviews. In the last couple of years, this movie genre has exploded, offering all-lady casts, usually going out partying and enjoying life as women. “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat” were some of the monumental ones, but this year so far has brought us two already – “Fun Mom Dinner” and “Girls Trip”.

The Story

Ryan Pierce is a critically-acclaimed author that is about to receive a promotion at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. She uses that opportunity to meet up with her old friends and party like they had back in the days. Four friends have since gone different paths and the reunion will be a chance to see what has changed in their lives and which aspects they can all relate to.

The Cast

The strong and powerful female lead cast is felt throughout the movie. The chemistry between the actresses involved is clearly visible. Jada Pinkett-Smith and Queen Latifah know each other from their appearance in the 1996 thriller “Set it Off” and Regina Hall adds tremendous value to the movie due to her unique acting style. However, the revelation and the biggest humor element of the movie comes from Tiffany Haddish. Tiffany delivers several awesome one-liners and provides us with memorable quotes of the movie. Malcolm D. Lee returns and directs this flick which looks to be his most successful and best-rated movie since 1999’s “The Best Man” which also featured Regina Hall.

As we previously mentioned, Tiffany Haddish is probably the biggest revelation in this movie as she gives a remarkable performance and we feel her time on screen is just beginning. Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson started as side-kicks in a girl comedy and went on to achieve big success as movie stars. Haddish seems to be traveling that same road.

girls tripGirls Trip Is No Exception

Movies like this one can be quite predictable and offer a very simple plot that is easy to follow; secrets, relationships, breakups, get-togethers, and reconciliations are all major parts of any buddy comedy. “Girl’s Trip” is no exception. The writers did a great job. The jokes are perfectly written for each character. 

Cameo Appearances

Besides the main cast, there are plenty of cameos in the movie; Diddy, Ne-Yo, Common, and Mariah Carey all make appearances. The male cameos all have a symbolism and are closely related to the titular “girls” in the movie. “Girls Trip” is funny, interesting and serves as a true refreshment to the genre. The script, chemistry, and great individual performances certainly played a role in presenting this movie as funny to all audiences.

I give this movie five stars!

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