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Emptiness – Do You Thirst After Righteousness?


Emptiness – Do You Thirst After Righteousness?

Have you ever had an emptiness, a void you just couldn’t seem to pinpoint? No matter what you did, it wouldn’t go away? Have you ever attempted to fill it with food, friends, activities, or sleep? If you want to be real honest, can you admit you may have even tried to fill it with sex, a bad relationship, or drugs? Yet, all of it was to no avail. Personally speaking, there have been times when I couldn’t stop eating. I wanted something but could not figure out what it was, so I ate a little of everything in sight in an effort to determine what I was craving. Eventually, I would give up and just go to bed, only to wake up the next morning with the same feeling!


They Don’t Work Anymore

Worse, still, is when you know a particular thing will make you feel better because it always has; but all of a sudden it doesn’t! You know what I’m talking about: watching the sun set, eating a big bowl of ice cream, watching your favorite movie, or having a conversation with your sibling. That’s always done it for you before, why not now? Have you ever wondered that?

The Word of God

The word of God says “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6). If we are not full or satisfied, it could be that we are hungry and thirsty for the wrong things. This would be why the emptiness remains long after our bellies are full? Ever tried ‘retail therapy’? I know I’m guilty of that one, too! For me, the satisfaction lasts until I get home and hang the clothes in the closet or put the shoes on the rack. “Now what?”, is typically my next thought.


Laughter is medicine for the soul so there is no doubt a fun night out with friends will help. Oh but wait until you get home! No sooner than you cross the threshold of your home I bet you will sense it again; the old familiar feeling of emptiness.

A Relationship with God

There is a space in each of us that can only be filled by a two-way relationship with God, our creator. When that relationship does not exist or is one-sided, emptiness is the result. I have experienced periods of emptiness. When I get back on track spending quality one-on-one time with God, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the emptiness goes away!

The Basis for Matthew 5:6

He is righteousness. Seeking a strong, intimate, two-way relationship with Him is not only mutually satisfying, it is, in my opinion, the basis of Matthew 5:6. Therefore, our relationship with God cannot be seasonal (Easter and Christmas) or crisis-driven (failing health or a financial catastrophe). It has to be daily. Our mechanism for daily communication with Him is prayer. Talk to God; that’s really all prayer is, a conversation with God. He wants to hear from us. Prayer honors Him. In praying to Him, we are acknowledging His power, position, authority, and importance in our lives.


As much as He wants to hear from us, we need to talk to Him! Have you ever had a moment you just had to talk to your best friend, your mother, your father, your husband, etc.? As soon as you do you feel so much better. That appeases the natural part of us but appeasing the spiritual side of us is only something that God can do. He can put you at ease in ways your friends can’t. God gives assurances they can’t. He knows the plans He has for you; they don’t. He knows the direction you need to go; they don’t. They love you, but no one loves you like He does!