Developing a Mindset that Will Make You Take Action


Your Mindset and Your Actions

Creating space for all things in life will allow you to take more action. Creating space? In other words, the more room you create in your life to accept all challenges, the more room you will have to accept what is currently happening and move forward with action. Allow me to offer you a new perspective.

Any mindset (negative or positive) associated with circumstances, thoughts, feelings, emotions, spirit or actions, will program your subconscious mind according to that process. Your subconscious mind is directly proportionate with the actions you take, which leads to manifestation (unintentional or deliberate results). Shall I go deeper?

Going Deeper

I’ll just keep it simple. Open your mind with a new perspective, know that things are happening for you and take action! If you have yet to find a way with taking action in your life, you guessed it, you have yet to expand or reposition the mindset you have. Take on life at various angles with acceptance. How do you do this whole mindset thing? Expand and reposition your prospective, integrity with self, conviction with lessons, state of mind, playback stories, gratitude, etc. Having a talk with God and yourself with positive direction, will enhance the conditioned mindset that has gotten you right where you are.

Be Honest

State the obvious and be brutally honest with God and yourself. Taking action starts with a mindset of an honest champion. Though stating the obvious or having nothing good to say about anything may be or even seem negative, but that is clear evidence that you need to create a mindset worth living for. As you have this talk with God and yourself, use strong language. “Are you telling me to curse Shaun?” Not quite. Why use strong language?

Many people have transitioned all of the language they use to never ‘hurt someone’s feelings’, to get their point across ‘nicely’ and to fit in with weak mentalities. These same people use weak language against themselves and the higher power, and expect powerful Mindset Manresults. Weak language does not align with taking massive action, thus receiving powerful results. That’s why creating space in your life and taking action may be challenging.

The things we say, find a way to ease in the process of taking action, and this easing in could translate to interrupt. Do you need any interruptions? Society has conditioned this brainwashed belief, that following the crowd and not standing out with unique tongues, is okay! Why don’t you take action and know you need too?


You learned from others to wait and examine every little detail of everything around you before initiation. Your mind is closed and you cease acceptance. You use soft language and expect powerful results. Most importantly you don’t have spiritual direction from God and allow the world’s voice to speak louder than the actions you take. Create space for all that is, accept it with power, apply God’s voice in every movement of your life, be grateful with that creation of space you need and take action.

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