billion people

Deitrick Haddon Live Featuring a Billion People

billion peopleDeitrick Haddon Live Featuring a Billion People

Let me say this upfront and straight, if you sample other peoples music in your new release it’s going to be hard to get a five star review from me. That being said Deitrick Haddon’s new CD has some really good gems on it. Specifically, “A Billion People”, “All Day Long”, “Come by Hear” and “Holy” are my standouts.

A Billion People

“A Billion People,” was the original single release and I knew I already loved this song. The guitar is one of my favorite instruments and he uses it perfectly in this song. The repetitive “You are Lord” verse will capture your attention and have you humming it over and over wherever you are.

All Day Long

The beat of “All Day Long” had me bobbing my head from the first note. Then I got into the song a bit and found it enjoyable. I love good bass lines and this one has a good one. You’ll be praising Him in dance on this one.

Come By Here

From the CD release the song that caught my attention was “Come by Here”. This song had me in worship mode. The music (something I always look for first) was excellent and when the singing started, oh my! Deitrick asks the Lord to touch somebody tonight, heal somebody, turn their life around. Who doesn’t need that especially in this day in age. I can see this song touching people in a worship service.


“Holy” starts out with a symphonic sound and you know it’s building to something. “Holy, the God we serve is Holy” gets you in the worship mode. There’s just enough music to keep you involved. As the song builds you feel like you’re getting closer to God in your worship. Love this song!


As a whole I like this CD. The four songs I mention above are clearly the ones I will be listening to and playing in my service. All in All Deitrick did a great job!