deep dark secret

Just A Thought – A Deep Dark Secret

deep dark secretJust A Thought – A Deep Dark Secret

We all wonder what is lurking in the dark. Will it destroy us? Can it chew us up and spit us out? Will it engulf us and we will no longer exist? Whatever it is, we seem to cover it up and dismiss it like it’s not there. In Kimberla Lawson Roby’s novel, A Deep Dark Secret, she begins to carefully peel back the covers, one at a time, to expose the real thing that is lurking in the dark.

Roby gingerly explores this coming-of-age story as a family is torn apart by life-changing choices. Although Jillian Mitchell’s biological father was not in the picture when she was younger, she desperately prayed for a daddy whom she could call her own. Her prayers were finally answered. She had a dad. He was everything she thought a father could be to a little girl, until…


In this book, Roby exposes the darkness that is swallowing up twelve-year-old Jillian. The story takes you down a path of lies, deceit, and abuse. The journey can be difficult for anyone, but can you imagine a child having to deal with the darkness? However, Jillian never lost her hope in the Lord. She knew that she couldn’t tell anyone, because her daddy would often tell her that nobody would believe her. The one person that she could trust to tell her story to was God.

deep dark secret

On the verge of ending her life, everything comes crashing down. As time goes by, the situation intensifies. Jillian slowly becomes distant and sad. Her grades begin to plummet. What shall she do? She doesn’t want to go to school anymore but goes because she doesn’t want to stay at home with her father. Jillian doesn’t talk to friends anymore; she keeps to herself.

She knows she can’t tell her mother because she doesn’t think she would believe her. The darkness began to envelop her when she was 7 years old, right after her baby sister was born. Now that Jillian is a teenager and her baby sister is older, Jillian has to protect her. Jillian’s daddy already said if she didn’t submit to him, then he would have to seek elsewhere, maybe her baby sister. Jillian decides to keep quiet and continue to be her daddy’s “princess,” or does she?


Although the storyline is somewhat sad and heart-wrenching, Jillian never gave up on God. She constantly prayed for Him to do something, anything, in order for her daddy to leave her alone. She kept her composure and did what she thought was right to protect her family. Jillian didn’t want to ruin the relationship between her mother and her daddy so she stored the secret in a deep, dark place, praying that one day God would make it all better.


Sometimes, we think things couldn’t possibly happen but they are oftentimes swept under the rug so, on the outside, no one can see what is going on. We keep our shades down because of the stigma and the shame we feel, thinking it is our fault. It is never okay for someone to abuse you, especially if they are your family member. Love doesn’t make you feel dirty. Tell someone! If you don’t feel like you can tell someone, then take your problem to God and ask him to give you the courage you need.

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