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Dating: The Top 10 Things a Woman Looks for in a Man


Dating: The Top 10 Things a Woman Looks for in a Man

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

Dating and relationships aren’t easy.  Men and women are very different by nature in so many ways.  If you are wondering what a woman looks for in a man, this article will give you the insight into this complicated dynamics.  Without further ado, let’s get started.

#1 A sense of humor

The ability to make a woman laugh is a true skill which keeps the relationship fun and enduring. But it doesn’t mean a man should keep telling women jokes all the time because there is a difference between being funny and being a clown.

#2 Confidence

True confidence can’t be faked because it’s backed up by competence. If a man has core confidence, women will know he has competence.

#3 The ability to lead

I used to say, “In a relationship, as a man, you either lead or be misled.” Think about salsa – can you imagine a woman leading the dance? Would that look natural?

#4 Intelligence

Women usually want to date men that they actually admire. If a man has brains, women tend to find him attractive because women can always learn something from him.

#5 Ambition

Ambitious men are sexy. If a man has a vision and works hard toward his goal, he becomes a magnet that attracts women around him, because he speaks with certainty and passion.

#6 The ability to provide and protect

Men and women have had different roles for thousands of years. Although women can also have jobs in today’s day and age, they still expect their men to have the ability to provide and protect (it doesn’t mean a man must be the breadwinner of the family).

#7 Charisma

Charismatic men are more likely to do well in many ways, whether in their career or love life. A man doesn’t have to be good-looking, but ideally, he should have charisma. Examples are Will Smith, Bill Clinton, and Richard Gere.

#8 The ability to be unreactive in situations where most people become too emotional

Being more emotional is actually feminine energy. If you observe most successful men, you will notice that they don’t become emotional easily. For instance, when a woman argues with her husband, the result wouldn’t be too good if her husband becomes too emotional.

#9 The ability to listen to her

When a woman talks to her partner about something (or even a problem), she isn’t necessarily looking for a solution. Most of the time, she just wants to share some information and connect with her partner. Yet, many men would simply give her a solution and stop listening, which is wrong on so many levels.

#10 Respect

This is the last element, but it’s also the most important element. There is a difference between liking a woman and respecting a woman. Respect is the prerequisite of everything.

(Jade Seashell is an Australian author, relationship expert and creativity advisor. She regularly writes at