Dads Need a Break Too – Travel Plans for Dads

DadsFather’s get a hard rap, having to follow behind Mother’s Day, just one month prior. But let us not forget how awesome dads are and that they too need a break. Here are some of the top things that dads can enjoy for a Father’s Day getaway!

Sporting Event! Hey, NBA championship ends in June, why not get Dad a ticket to attend a game. Also, Baseball is in full swing—let Dad have a great day at the stadium and enjoy some beer, hot dogs, and the game. Dad, is sure to have a great time and appreciate this Father Day gift!

High Roller, Casino Resorts! A guys’ time of fun for sure, is making money and maybe having an adult beverage dadsor two. Of course, we know all about Vegas and Atlantic City, but don’t sleep on the Foxwood Resort Casino, in Mashantucket, CT. Foxwood is the largest resort casino in the Western Hemisphere, with 6 complex casinos in 4,700,000 sq. ft. But, if this is too far, there are several casinos across the US that he can enjoy.

Beaching it! June, summer time, what better way to enjoy a day all for yourself than going to the beach! That’s right! Beach Fun is always a great idea! Not only can Dad relax but it can also be a family thing. School’s out, why not make the trip to the beach for the week with the entire family and just soak up some sun and dig your toes in the sand!

Golf Getaway! Fore! For the dad who likes to tee up, treat him to a golf getaway. There are some great golf resorts all over, including DadsVegas but Hotel Terra in Wyoming is known to be one of the most beautiful golf resorts around, with the background of Grand Teton and Yellowstone. So, on a chance he is not hitting the green, he can explore Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

At the end, we depend on dads for so much and it is important that we don’t toss their day to the wayside. Show dad just how much he means to you and go out a bit and send him on a nice getaway! He deserves it!