Contamination by Dr Larry D. Palmer, Sr

contaminationContamination is lurking in every crease, crevice and corner of the world in which we live. It tends to creep in like an unexpected house guest who barges their way in, unpacks their belongings and settles in for the long haul. Dr. Larry D. Palmer, Sr. lays the foundation in his book, Acceptable Contamination Where Does It End?on how to wash, clean, and fold by helping us to understand how to handle unwanted house guests. He leads the reader on a path to repack, reexamine, and
to restore things back to their original state.

As you begin to read, explore and dive into the stories, scenarios and examples of this short study of contamination, you soon learn that everything is contaminated whether you realized it or not. For example, the author takes you down memory lane as he opens the curtain and window into his childhood. He opens up about how he and his siblings were taught to be aware of their surroundings, as well as being careful about the food they consumed because everything that tastes good isn’t good for you and could be contaminated.

Dr. Palmer continues to lead his readers down memory lane as he makes his way to things not often thought of in terms of contamination. He discusses alcoholism, coming out of the closet, incest, rape, anger, relationships, environments, and other things that were all too often hidden out of sight.  

As a society we have come to accept things as normal.  It is normal to rape. It is normal to be an alcoholic. It is normal to have same sex marriage. It is normal to live with one another when not married. The norms have taken over. Does being normal make contaminationit right? It is not always easy to do the right thing especially when social media and news outlets give you a different road to follow.

Dr. Palmer takes you to the beginning, and that is the word of God. He places it on your lap and this time you are the one unfolding and rethinking what you thought was okay and examining what the word of God says. We don’t have to accept what the world deems as normal, we only have to examine and study what God says.  

This book sheds light on our past as well as our future diagnosis. Dr. Palmer stated, “We are set for a course of destruction if we continue to accept the contaminated spirits that lurk the atmosphere.” As a society we have taken God out of the equation and have continued doing what we feel is right or even what we feel is the norm.  Everybody is doing it so it must be okay.  

As we go through this journey called life, things are going to change.  The question is, will you accept it or will you become the new normal?

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