beauty on a budget

Angie Lynnetta’s Beauty On A Budget

beauty on a budgetAngie Lynnetta’s Beauty On A Budget

Have you ever fallen into the proverbial hole of beauty influencers and gurus while surfing the web for beauty tips? If so, I know how you feel because I have been there too. They have and use so many products from YSL to Tom Ford, but what if those are not in your budget yet?

Beauty is not about the most expensive product in your beauty bag. Instead, beauty is what you make it. It is not about the “name brand” but about how well it works for you. Below are a few brands I use and love that will not break the bank.


On days when I do not want to wear makeup, a little eyeliner and mascara will do the trick. I absolutely love NYC eyeliner in black. It is waterproof, long lasting and you can find it at any drug store for under $2 a tube. If you follow me, then you know I love me some L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in blackest black. This is hands down one of my favorite beauty products for under $8.


With so many choices on the market, it may be a challenge to find your perfect match. Beauty brands are catering to a larger audience by offering color ranges from the lightest porcelain to the deepest ebony. If Fenty Beauty or YSL is out of your budget, try a more budget-friendly brand such as Black Opal. Contrary to what you may be thinking, they do have a variety of shades for all skin tones. The cream foundations are blendable with medium to full coverage to cover blemishes and imperfections all for under $11.


Add a pop of color with lipstick to change your everyday look. Gone are the days of the 99¢ beauty store lipsticks. You know the ones! Like foundations, beauty brands have expanded their color range from neutrals to bright and vibrant colors. A budget-friendly choice is Iman Cosmetics Luxury Moisturizing Lipsticks. Twenty shades to choose from $12. Pair with their Luxury Lip Shimmer for extra sparkle, also $12.


Finding the right beauty product does not have to break the bank or blow your budget. With an array of choices on the market, you are sure to find something that performs just the same, if not better, than the higher end brands. While it may be true, you cannot always skimp on quality, nothing says you cannot use less-expensive options until you work your way up to the better-quality brands. Beauty products are a huge investment, so choose wisely.

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