5 Signs Your Mate is Cheating on You

5 Signs Your Mate is Cheating on You

When your mate works late, hangs out with friends more than with you, or suddenly starts sprucing up their appearance, your internal warning bells might go off. If you suspect your romantic mate might be cheating on you, the last thing you want is for your suspicions to come true. The first thing you want, though, is to know what the truth really is.

cheatingThese five signs might be an indicator that your mate is stepping out:

  1. Your Mate Has A Sudden Need For Privacy
    If they suddenly start laying their phone face down, change the lock code on their phone and tablet, and the password on their email, they may be trying to hide elicit correspondence.
  2. Your Mate Starts Over explaining Every Absence
    “I had to work late,” might not make you suspicious. “I was working late with John and his sister stopped by office. She’s not as pretty as you and I didn’t really notice her body,” should set off alarm bells.
  3. Your Mate Starts Taking A Lot of Trips
    If their job suddenly dictates a lot of travel without them having received a promotion or other change in job roles, they may be traveling to meet someone – or they may not actually be leaving town at all.
  4. Your Mate Suddenly Stops Asking You Questions
    If your mate stops asking how your day was, what’s for dinner, your opinion on their wardrobe, or if you’re feeling well, it may be a sign that they’re losing interest in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It could also mean their concerns now lay with someone else.
  5. Your Mate Starts Hiding Their Spending Habits
    Sudden shopping binges that need to be hidden could be a sign that your mate is spending and splurging on someone else.


No one likes to be accused of lying or cheating when they’re innocent. You should approach your partner with caution. Gather concrete proof if you notice any of the abovementioned signs, then be ready to make your next move.