4 beauty trends

4 Beauty Trends to Leave in 2017

4 Beauty Trends to Leave in 2017

4 beauty trendsBeauty trends are created every season. You see them everywhere. The insta-brow, the spider lashes, and the strobing effect. The latest and greatest makeup trend on your favorite celebrity or reality star – but just because it looks good on them (or in pictures) does NOT mean it will look good on you. Here are five trends that need to stop.


Pick up any magazine or look at any red carpet image. What do you see? Eyebrows have evolved over the years, from thin, to thick and back again. One such brow trend is to fill in or overdraw brows and then outline them with concealer. This is just wrong on all beauty levels – when done incorrectly. Your brows should look natural. Start by using a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas and define your brows natural shape. Do not go overboard or make them look boxy.


Who doesn’t like dessert? You bake cakes, cookies or pies but you do not bake your face. The term “baking” is popular among beauty influencers and gurus. The correct term is “setting” as in setting your foundation with powder so it locks in and it will not move. Using a translucent powder to lightly dust over your face will help mattify shine and create a polished look.

4 beauty trendsOver Contouring

While every celebrity and beauty influencer will have you believing “contouring to the gawds” is a good thing – trust me, it is not. Contouring should define your facial features and follow the way light naturally casts a shadow. It should not be heavy or be seen from Mars. For everyday wear, use a gray or taupe colored powder, to create definition on your cheekbones or jawline.

Highlighting (Strobing)

Like contouring, highlighting helps to define features by drawing attention to specific areas. It is usually 4 beauty trendsplaced on the high points of the cheeks making them stand out. Unless you are doing an editorial photo shoot, do not place highlight powder on the Cupid ’s bow, underneath the brow bone and for the love of Jesus, stop highlighting the tip of your nose!

Done incorrectly, these beauty trends can be an #epicfail and may not be as flattering as you think. Remember, images you see are heavily filtered and photo shopped and will not look the same in person. Trends are not one-size-fits-all and should be customized to your specific facial features and needs.

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