Waking Up – Life is Happening For You

waking upI realized how beautiful everything in my life truly is. I call my oppression, my obsession. Attacking all that “happens” TO me and tweaking the context of hardships to nurture me, not ruin me. Thus making things “happen” FOR me, when daily opposition comes my way.

So, I’d like to express to you that life is happening for you today, not to you. Anticipate opposition and hone that faith. You deserve more than you can imagine, because our savior suffered for us more than we can imagine. Nothing yesterday, today or is to come shall cease what you have to contribute in view of the world. For what you have is greater than the world (from God), and no single thing can and will distract you to reach your fullest potential.

I may or may not have met you, however, I know that your life is beautiful. How do I know that? You woke up breathing and you’re reading this right now. Many don’t have this opportunity because the grave stripped ALL of it away. Your oppression doesn’t have to be your obsession such as I, but your oppression is a message that should be respected, detected and dissected, allowing the hard times to create, not dominate. Leading all opposition to inspire you to conquer the world. What a beautiful life!