The Resurrection – Time to Celebrate Our Risen Savior

resurrectionThis is no April Fool’s Joke

As we enter the month of April, the first day is commonly known as April Fool’s Day at which time many will participate in the telling of jokes, all sorts of shenanigans, and even more tomfoolery just to excite laughter, all in the name of fun.

Then, as we move further into the month of April, children all over the world will look forward to Easter, where they will adorn beautiful spring attire, take pictures with the Easter Bunny, color eggs, and then they will be treated to an Easter Egg Hunoft.

We Celebrate

While Easter is celebrated all over the world with its festive meals, religious church services, and time for families to come together and enjoy one another, Christians acknowledge and celebrate Jesus Christ and the Resurrection.

The Resurrection is so important to Christians, because it is the Resurrection that gives life and hope to all who believe.

He Died for Us!

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was crucified, He was beaten unrecognizable. He endured suffering and shame, and He died paying the price for the sins of mankind.resurrection

It was a sad day as Jesus’ Mother Mary, His Disciples, and others watched as Jesus hung lifeless on a wooden cross between two thieves. Meanwhile, unbelievers mocked Him and said: “If you be the Messiah, come down off the cross and save yourself.”

Resurrection…Sadness to Joy

Oh, but the sadness quickly turned to joy, when early on Sunday morning Jesus arose victorious from the grave, leaving evidence that He was indeed in the tomb, by neatly folding his garments and placing them in the grave for all to see.

Now that’s a reason to celebrate! Not because of new clothes, colorful eggs, and not even for the Easter Bunny, but because our Savior Jesus Christ is alive! Enjoy the month of April and everything that it brings, but remember the Resurrection and what it really means.