Just a Thought

Have you ever wanted to fly away and leave the situation you were in but realized not only does it hurt when you stay but also realize the wings that are supposed to help you soar to higher heights are broken?  What do you do?

Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani, is a very realistic tale of secrets, lies and shame.   Three sisters come together face to face with the vey secret they were trying to hide when they learn that their father has fallen into a coma.  As an Indian-American family, they were taught that what goes on in the home stays in the home.  They had succeeded at keeping the family secret, or at least that’s what they thought.  On the outside looking in, they appeared to be a very normal family, but as the family gather around their father, they learned that everything was not what it seemed growing up. Secrets began to unfold as these three women make their way to the very place that they had tried to escape.

Sonya, the youngest daughter of the family, was often the victim of her father’s anger and violence. She left home, and became a successful photographer hoping to hide behind the pictures she took.

Trisha, the middle daughter, was her father’s favorite.  Although her father never aimed his anger and violence towards her, Trisha had to live with the fact that her mother and sisters were being mistreated and victimized every day, and it made her sad.

Marin, the oldest daughter, has been shaped into a ruthless business woman by her father’s abuse.  She doesn’t care what happens to others as long as she gets what she wants.
As the sisters continue to gather around their father’s sick bed secrets begin to boil over as if they were on a stove and waiting for someone to turn the pot down. It gets hotter and continues to boil over.  Each secret rises to the top of the pot and spills over into their lives.  Coping with the past is not an easy thing to do.  As their father’s condition worsens, they each contend with their own skeletons and secrets.  Hoping for life or death?

Trail of Broken Wings is a very powerful story that will make you rethink how you treat your family and those around you that you love.  Too often we tend to sweep things under the carpet instead of dealing with the dirt. Domestic and child abuse affects a number of families and your past can often shape your future.   However, even if this story step on your toes and makes you change your shoes, that’s a good thing, at least you are changing your shoes.